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Clinton Fearon, former Gladiators singer, songwriter and bassist, remakes his roots, acoustically, on his new album HEART AND SOUL.

“My music is roots reggae from the island of Jamaica. I grew up deep in the hills, up in St. Catherine, surrounded by nature, beauty and hard work. Even as a child, I knew I wanted to be a musician and began my career singing in church and at school, and eventually built my own guitar! As a teenager, my journeys took me to Kingston where I met many musicians and eventually began writing and recording music. The Skatalites, Motown artists and Jamaican musicians who came before me all influenced my music.
I write from my heart. The world is full of inspirations…nature, people, politics, love. I write about them all. My music is good for the soul – always with a message of hope and betterment for tomorrow. It’s good for dancing, good for listening and appeals to the young and old.”
~ Clinton Fearon

1: One Love
2: Let Jah Be Praised
3: Chatty Chatty Mouth
4: Follow the Rainbow
5: Marvel Not
6: Untrue Girl
7: On the Other Side
8: Stop Before You Go
9: Richman Poorman
10: Streets of Freedom
11: Jah Almighty
12: I’m Not Crying
13: Can You Imagine How I Feel (Bonus Track)

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